Project Tuva

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Bill Gates has set up a web site called Project Tuva at Microsoft Research. The project hosts video of lectures from the famous physicist, Prof. Richard Feynman. The video are presented through Silverlight.

Project Tuva


An interesting article about software versions

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The Amazing World of Version Numbers at by Harry McCracken.


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昨天沒有上班,在家裡等結果,沒甚麼可做,試了試將以前同學的名字打入 Google,結果也沒有甚麼驚人的發現,GHJ 倒是當了副總裁。厲害。因此有個想法,就是將以前的一些關鍵詞放到網上,看看有沒有人會找到這裡,留一個言甚麼的。

Get ready for a restart

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